Azeroth as Theatre: The history of digital games… as performance(s)?

10. Mai 2023 ·
The preservation and historiography of digital games confronts scholars, institutions, and hobbyists with numerous technical, legal, as well as cultural challenges demanding a variety of sources. Troubles begin with two basic issues: Accessibility and versioning. Games depending on server infrastructures are the most extreme form of this conundrum, as once they are gone, so is the game. Considering how contemporary games, even single player experiences, are distributed, patched and framed by online services, those researching gaming’s past will increasingly encounter digital games as changing entities and temporal events, warranting special approaches. Luckily, game studies already involves itself with a field tackling this very problem – performance studies.
DuckTales remastered

"Retro-Spektive": Com­puter­spiele und ihr Archiv

10. Februar 2014 ·
Wir gehen ins Kino oder in die (online-)Videothek, um uns einen alten Western anzusehen; wir gehen in die Bibliothek oder ins Antiquariat und holen uns ein altes Buch, um es zu lesen. Alte Gemälde 'genießen' wir auf Fotos oder im Original im Museum. Das Alter von Kunst­werken ist dabei normalerweise...
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