Miriam Scuderi

Miriam Scuderi has studied English Literature and Culture and American Studies at the JGU Mainz and works as a freelance artist. Her academic research is focused on the intersection of game studies and queer theory.

‘The Inevitable Patriarchy’

28. November 2022 ·
In recent memory, whether Netflix Original, Blockbuster or Video Game, historical or historical adjacent fiction frequently finds itself facing ‘controversy’ for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ or ‘strong female characters’ on the notion that such inclusivity damages the verisimilitude and immersive properties of the fiction. Using the example of the Dragon Age series, this paper will address the diegetic inconsistencies of the world of Thedas relative to this notion of historical verisimilitude, and suggest an explanation for the inconsistencies that emerge and the persistence of the discourse at large.
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